Saturday, September 22, 2007

It's raining here. We are in our rainy season. But personally, I don't think we'll be seeing many hurricanes this September. Just a gut instinct. You can prove me wrong if you want to! Just write a comment if I'm wrong.
Anyway, it's drizzling outside, doesn't mean I can't go in the hot tub, because the hot tub has a roof. But right now, I'd rather stay in here and talk to you! We had our Board of Directors meeting this morning. They are really amazing people. They cover every little nook and cranny of the place, they dot all their i's and cross all their t's and I'm really proud of them. I just wish they wouldn't charge so much for maintenance fees, assessments, and now mandatory membership in our resort club! Yeeoow.
I think I'll have to move! I can't afford this!
And, they put me on the committee for a Condo Assn Manager search, otherwise known as a CAM search. Well, we had to let our current guy go, he was on probation, and he kept talking to the women as if it were 1950. I mean not exactly up to date on "women are equal?" you know?
It's Saturday and I'm feeling really perky! Wish I had a date. He would NOT be sorry! ha ha
I hope you have a nice weekend. I'll be in here cleaning. But don't forget about me, and send me a comment if you're in the mood.
I love to connect with people.
Love ya, Jiva

Saturday, September 15, 2007


The world population is growing every day. Even though we try to kill each other off in wars, we keep multiplying. As of July, 2007, the count was 6.7 billion humans on planet earth. That's a lot!
If you ever drove across Kansas, which is about 500 miles wide, you'd think there was plenty of room for everyone. It's just miles and miles and miles of nothing... fields. All those people above could go to Kansas, but they probably don't want to go. They have their lives, and their families, and it's all familiar. People enjoy great comfort in the familiar.
I love New York. It's crowded, but I love the theaters, the museums, the library. I love beaches also. Blue skies, blue water, sunny people, expanses of sand as far as you can see. Lovely.
So many choices in this world. So many places to see, so many cultures, variety of experiences. It's a gift. Some people actually stay in the same place all their lives! Isn't that amazing?
My father came over on the boat from Italy with his pregnant mother, his father, and six siblings. Took the boat a month to get here. After settling in Chicago, we could never get him to go anywhere. He wouldn't leave the city. He'd say, "I took a trip once; that was enough of a trip for me."
See you next time, as they say on PBS.

Sunday, September 9, 2007


I was really upset about those Americans with Palestinian backgrounds being held in Israel and not allowed to go to the U.S. because of some new law the Israelies passed. They gave these kids the option to go to Palestine, but not America.

After all the billions of dollars we've given to Israel since 1948 (and that's something I will NEVER understand), here we are in 2007 with the country of Israel thumbing its nose at us and saying, too bad, we don't care, we're not doing YOU any favors!

Without American taxpayer's money, Israel wouldn't exist. As that guy on ABC's Prime Time always says,


See you when I'm in a better mood.






Ziegfeld Girls & Marilyn Miller 1929


I like to watch them both at the same time.

What time is it? I think it's NOW. (translated: Eastern Daylight Time)

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