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The Golden Globes at The Beverly Hilton Hotel

I opened The Beverly Hilton Hotel way back in August of 1955.
Me and a few hundred other people. I was dancing on the Colgate
Variety Hour starring Hedda Hopper, Edgar Bergen, Conrad Hilton,
Ann Miller, Shelley Winters, Jinx Falkenberg, and a host of other
notables consisting of just about the entire A list of Hollywood.
It was opening day at The Hilton in Beverly Hills.

Those were exciting times. Sometime in the 1970's, the hotel
started hosting The Golden Globes, otherwise known as the
Foreign Press Association Awards. So naturally, I love watching
that show, it brings back a few memories. The big difference
between The Golden Globes and The Oscars, is that during the Globes,
people are eating and drinking. As the evening wears on, people
become a bit loose and say some very funny things, if they can
speak at all! So it's a fun night, and when you watch the show,
everyone seems to be having one hell of a good time. Even the
losers look happy. And TV shows are included in the awards.

I'd like to say something about Lee Daniels, the Director
of the film Precious. He also directed a film called Shadowboxer,
which starred Helen Mirren, Cuba Gooding,Jr., and Mo'Nique.
Shadowboxer is one of my favorite films. When I first saw
it, I thought Lee Daniels was a genius. The entire film is a
great work of art. Sunday night, Mo'Nique won best supporting
actress for her role in Precious. She thanked Lee Daniels and
called him a genius. Yes, he is that. When I saw Mo'Nique in
Shadowboxer, I thought she did a magnificent job of acting.
I was really happy to hear her give acclaim to Lee Daniels.
I'm sure that Helen Mirren and Cuba Gooding,Jr. would agree.

Shadowboxer isn't for everyone, it played in few theaters
because of it's violent content, and references to incest.
But all those things were pertinent to the story.
And the story is amazing. You can get it on DVD,
if you have the temperament for that sort of film. Sex, murder,
assassins, secrets, and the most bloodshed I've ever seen.
I usually don't like bloodshed, but it's pertinent to the
story. See it at your own risk. I can only say I hope that
Lee Daniels does more films, and I wouldn't mind seeing Helen
Mirren in those films either. She did a brilliant job in
Shadowboxer, and it's a shame more people were not able to see it.






Ziegfeld Girls & Marilyn Miller 1929


I like to watch them both at the same time.

What time is it? I think it's NOW. (translated: Eastern Daylight Time)

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