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I have been following Brad Pitt's life ever since he romanced Juliette Lewis way back in 1990, almost twenty years ago. Juliette had caught my attention by emancipating herself at the age of 14, so she could work longer hours at the studios.
That was my introduction to Brad. I once had a standee of Brad, six feet high, in my bedroom from Legends of The Fall. Waking up every morning with Brad watching me was no unpleasant task, I assure you! Legends of The Fall is a dynamite film, no doubt about it, but my favorite is Meet Joe Black, and I don't even know why, it simply captures my attention from beginning to end, and I can watch it over and over and never tire of it. Troy was great, an epic film, and of course the sex scene in Thelma and Louise is classic! Wow.

Now Brad is in his prime, his relationship with Angelina seems to be the joy of his life. Their children bring laughter and surprises every day, filling their moments with happiness and love. I believe they must be Capitalists at heart, because they are both Ayn Rand fans, and Angelina has been signed to star in the film epic, Atlas Shrugged, which is presently languishing as it moves from one studio to another... but Lions Gate has it now, so maybe, 2010? Angelina will play the lead role of Dagny Taggert, heroine of the novel. The theme of the story is "The Mind on Strike," 1200 pages of suspense and action, yet loaded with philosophical insights that startled the intellectual community when it was first published way back in 1957. Ayn's novel The Fountainhead is probably my favorite book, and her film version with Gary Cooper and Patricia Neal is a classic Ayn Rand presentation. (See previous blog for more info and film clip).

Well, I just watched Legends of the Fall last night, I completely forgot how great it is, how much I love it, how fabulous is the plot, the characters, Anthony Hopkins is superb, Brad is unbelievably sexy, god almighty, that strength of character combined with his vulnerability, blended with his fierce tenacious penetrating eyes that tell you everything! MMMmmmm I LOVE BRAD !!! And Julia Ormond and Karina Lombard are delicious. What a romantic film. Makes me sorry I sold that standee. (I actually had a boyfriend who was jealous of dear Brad).
I'm always doing that... changing everything for some guy. Guys, ya gotta luv 'em.


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