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A Magical Discovery! This magnificent book, this perfect book.

Here is the Cover of The Book...

Famous stars like Lucille Ball, Lena Horne, Eartha Kitt, Ginger Rogers, Liberace, Boris Karloff, Hedy Lamarr, Maureen O'Hara, Lauren Bacall and Humphry Bogart, Ronald Reagan, Ann Sheridan, the list is endless! They are all here in this book. Photos not seen for half a century. Copyright 2010 by Julie Sanges.

These photos may not be reproduced in any form,they are the property of the owner.

Below is a sampling of over 800 candid photographs. Most photos were taken
between 1950 and 1954. There are a few from the late 1940's.

Julie Sanges, has published her book of candid photos that she took with a $1.98 camera, way back during the 1940's and 1950's in New York City. These are some of the most amazing pictures you will ever see. The book is 144 large pages consisting of over 800 photos featuring famous entertainment personalities from that time. CANDID PICTURES OF CELEBRITIES.

It's an expensive book. It about broke my bank to buy it. But hey, the pictures are one of a kind. I can't find these photos anywhere else, except for a few from Julie's website, and they are just a sampling. I am posting that sampling here, with Julie's permission. I am a major fan of the stars, have been star-struck since I was a kid. I own hundreds of videos. Now I have a book that will be a companion to my films.

It gives you an idea of what our stars looked like way back then, when they were just walking down the street, going shopping, going to the theater, whatever. Most of them are gone now, Julie herself is 80 years old. So you can imagine... (the loveliest word). This is a large landscape size book published on premium paper.

What intrigued me the most was the bright shiny smiles each person wears when their photo is taken. Back then, there were not the publicity methods of today, so that when a group of girls approached a star walking out of Sardi's or just strolling down the street, or getting into or out of a taxi, they were delighted that someone recognized them, and wanted their autograph or photo. They beam! I've never seen that look on stars faces anywhere else. Most of the photos are from 1950 through 1954, although there are a few from the late 1940's. This book is perfect. One could browse through it for days. Each photo holds the mystery of the person's real personality. I can't say enough good things about this historical document. It was well worth the high price. I will treasure this book always.

You will find 47 preview pages of this book at the following website:

When you get to the website, simply click on the cover of the book to see the preview. Click on the edge of the right hand pages, to turn the pages.

The book is titled SUBWAY TO THE STARS by Julie Sanges (copyright 2010 by Julie Sanges)

Hope you enjoy.



TJB said...

How fun!!!! I'm headed to the website, right after payday. LOL.

jiva said...

Most of the photos have dates and locations, which makes them even more personal. The ear to ear smiles on the celebrities is really a wonder. I've never seen the stars so delighted to have their picture taken! This is an historical document, unusual in its amazing continuity.

Anonymous said...


normadesmond said...

though so groovy, the cost is crazy. does the author put each book together herself at the kitchen table?

jiva said...

I know the book is very expensive. It's because the publishers actually do each book from scratch. Every time someone orders a book, they print it as if it's the first time.
They do a very nice job. Plus the author takes a small profit, as she is not doing well either medically or financially.
The shipping is an additional $7.

I paid the full price for the book, I have bought books before from that website, and have always been pleased, even though they are expensive. She chose to publish the book through them, because it didn't cost her anything to publish it. She worked on it for two years, on her own, to make it happen. It had been her dream to make the book happen, and she did it. So that's the story on that!

jiva said...

Sad to report that Julie passed away a few months ago. I spoke to her on the phone a week before she died. She is very proud of her book. She has no children or close relatives. Her estate is taken by a nephew I think. She used to live with Lillian Roth for at least twenty years, they were very close. She has tons of photos and memorabilia that Lillian left her. Who knows what will happen to all those golden memories. RIP dear Julie.





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