Friday, November 16, 2007

Mid November and It's Finally Cold! (well, cold for Florida anyway)

TODAY IS FRIDAY, and it finally turned cold here in Central Florida, after a long hot summer of almost unbearable heat!

Now I can have a taste of what it will be like if I move back north. Cold and wind and snow. I am very undecided about what to do, because I miss the cultural diversity of the northern cities, so much to see and do, but I also love the tropical wetness and humidity of the water world that Florida offers. My main reason for wanting to move was a heart throb that kept my interest for such a long time, but now it appears that the other party in this matter has a wandering heart, a roving eye, and many interests outside of me, and my entire reason for wanting to move seems to be disappearing. So what to do. Only time shall tell, as they say, only hearts that are true will survive.

Thanksgiving is right around the corner, and I have much to be thankful for: a long life, a fascinating list of careers, a lust for adventure and excitement that never leaves me. I am particularly grateful for The Internet, a magical world of information and connection to people and ideas that my own father would have found to be truly beyond the discoveries of his day. --- His wonder at crystal set radios, 16mm cameras, television, and his favorite wonder, the tallest buildings in the world. Whenever there was a new building constructed, he would mail a picture of it to me, with the words, "Isn't this amazing?" He so loved his life, and people, and fun. I guess I take after him, and as I should, because I always adored him. In his entire life, I never heard him say an unkind word about anyone. He would always say, "That's his way, this is my way." End of story. His other profound words of wisdom to me were, "Does it make you happy? If it doesn't make you happy, don't do it." My parents lived through an entire century, he three years before it, and she one year after it. To them, the Twentieth Century was their world.

And now here I am in the 21st Century, wondering what it holds for me.

Enjoy the video, it is adorable and timely!

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Ziegfeld Girls & Marilyn Miller 1929


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