Thursday, February 21, 2008


Wow, my last post was before Thanksgiving, and now it's the middle of February! I guess the holidays overwhelmed me! I had a wonderful Christmas in Maine, beautiful white snow, gently falling flakes every day, a winter wonderland as they say, especially for someone living in Florida. The secret as always is warm clothes!

Nothing much has changed, I'm still trying to decide whether it's a good idea to move up north, especially after finding people holding me up because they were so terrified I might slip and fall on the icy streets and roads because I'm not used to it, and my boots didn't have those nice "grippers" on them. I don't want to go through the rest of my life with people "going to get the car while I wait," worrying that my every step is fraught with danger, or that I might freeze trying to walk to the car. ha ha. Puleeeze!

I also took a short trip to Chicago, where the temperature was below zero with a nice icy wind every day. It's my home town, and I love Chicago, but who wants to live for months in that kind of weather? Ever since summer ended here in Florida, for the most part, we've had 75 to 80 degree days with sunshine. You have to admit, that sounds pretty good to you northerners. Yes, I do miss my lover who lives up north, but still, it's a difficult choice. I bought five lottery tickets hoping I'd win (does anyone buy them thinking they might not win)? but as usual, I won nothing. The hope being that I could have two places to live, one here in Florida, right where I am now, and one near my lover, who lives in a moderate climate, but nice and close to New York City, which is a place dear to my heart because I do love Broadway and all that culture.

I'm writing a column, and it's very successful, I'm hoping to have some syndication as soon as I get up to number twenty. Possibly west coast syndication, as it's a fairly "out there" type of column, meaning it's filled with references to "creating your own reality" and stuff like that.

Here's a wonderful video I found, all about how the kids discover a drawer in their parent's bedroom, and the contents lead them to believe that maybe mommy is really Santa !

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